Step 1 – Contact us to troubleshoot
Step 2 – Fill in the return form
Step 3 – Send us your product
Return postage costs


If a product is found to be defective due to manufacturing, workmanship, or materials, we will gladly accept returns and repair or exchange it if it is returned within ten days of the original purchase date.

Contact us to troubleshoot

Most of the time, a little troubleshooting fixes an issue quickly. Therefore, it’s crucial that you get in touch with our helpful staff before returning the item because we might be able to assist you fix the issue swiftly, saving you both time and money. If not, we will request that you send the item back to us so that we can examine it.

Fill in the return form

In the event that troubleshooting proves unsuccessful and you are advised to return the product, kindly fill out, print, and mail our return form.

To fill out the form, you must:

Your order number may be found on your receipt that arrived with your delivery or in your email order confirmation. Your original product packing is helpful as it contains the product serial number, which is necessary to process your return and is the safest box to send your item back to us.

Send us your product

After submitting your return form, please wait for our response, which will include instructions on how to send the item back to us.

While you wait, make sure your belongings are packed securely for the trip back to us, and bear the following in mind.

Make sure the item is securely packaged for transportation.
If you are returning your e-liquid, empty and clean your tank.
Send back just the defective item or items.
Make sure you return the original package.
Give specifics: Both the order number and name.
To safeguard our workers, products must be returned in a hygienic way, free of juice or any other substances. Your warranty will be voided if you don’t do this.

Return postage costs

The cost of returning merchandise to the manufacturer is the customer’s responsibility.


We will examine your return whenever we receive it to determine whether it requires repair or replacement. Should it turn out that the product is flawed, we will send you a replacement or a corrected one at no additional expense.

Important information: We will notify you and email you an invoice for the postal costs to return the item if it is determined that the device is in perfect working order.